Preparing for India

10 Mar

I just finished hammering out the notes to the messages I will preach while in India. I always type out more notes than I need, but I like to have all my thinking laid out before me when I preach. I will do five messages/lectures in the Pastor’s conference next week in Siliguri and then I will speak in an IET church on Sunday morning. Growing out of my dissertation research on spiritual transformation, I will preach the following messages:

“Spiritual Leadership”

“Spiritual Transformation Part 1:
Introduction, trinitarian definition & the work of the Spirit”

“Spiritual Transformation Part 2:
Jesus’ example, the Father’s glory, and the role of spiritual disciplines”

“Raising Up the Joushua Generation”
(a message on leadership development)

“The Church that Jesus is Building”

I plan on preaching on the spirit of faith in the IET church on Sunday, but I am not sure yet.

I am going to try to update my blog while I am in India–check back for updates. I am taking Jenni’s digital camera, so I should have some good pictures to post. I am looking forward to getting to India in 15 hours–verses the 36 hours it took me to get there last time. We are taking a non-stop flight from Newark, NJ to Delhi. You can check out the flight plan here. I am really looking forward to joining God in his adventure. (Check out my MP3 sermon from last Sunday to understand the reference to adventure.) I am also glad that Pastor Rocky Russell from River of Life Church is going with me to share in the adventure.

I am humbled to have the opportunity to speak into the lives of pastors from three nations–pastors who are planting churches in areas where there has NEVER been a church. Thank you for your prayers for both Rocky and myself.If you are interested….I will be reading (and listening to) the following while in India:

Christ the Lord by anne rice
Velvet Elvis by rob bell
Ministry in the Image of God by steve seamands
Something by john grisham

Face Down — matt redman
All to You…Live — lincoln brewster
Come Away with Me — norah jones

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