21 Days of the Spirit: Day 13

14 May

Changing My Mind

This blog is going to be a bit different. I am going to make a list of thoughts pertaining to today’s reading. I think in terms of lists. I do not want to rush past today’s reading, because this is an important thought as we consider the work of the Spirit in transforming our interior life. Nevertheless, I am short on time, thus the list.

The Lord knows I need transforming! Yesterday was not such a good day. I felt tense and angry most of the day. I was grouchy and irritable. Unfortunately it seems like Jenni and the boys become the object of my tyranny on days like that. To Jenni, Wesley and Taylor—I say I am sorry. Will you forgive me?

Now onto today’s verse and my unstructured list of thoughts.

Romans 12:2 NIV Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Spiritual transformation is not something that we do to ourselves.

Renewing our mind is not so much what we do, but how we partner with the Holy Spirit.

Our thinking controls our habits and action.

Many Christians do not think deeply about God and his action in the world and in our hearts.

The church growth, seeker-sensitive, entertainment evangelism, purpose-driven, creative communication trends in the Evangelical church tempts me to think too shallow about God and too deeply about myself, my needs, my wants and my entertainment.

I think way to much about myself and not enough about the beauty and mystery of the triune God.

Can I make that a we statement? … We think way to much about ourselves and not enough about the beauty and mystery of the triune God.

The most popular forms of communication in the church seem to bring the least amount of transformation.

I sound like a cynic, let me get back to the verse.

How does the Holy Spirit transform my mind?

How does he use the Scriptures that he inspired to renew my mind?

I want to think God’s thoughts after him.

Who first said that? I would like to give props to whoever first made that above statement. (Note to self, google that sentence and find the author) I am thinking it is a Willard or Peterson quote.

I want to have the mind the Christ. I want to think like him. That is the essence of “thinking God’s thoughts after him.”

I am embarrassed by most of the thoughts that cross my mind.

Are thoughts sin?

If I am thinking thoughts that I know are not good thoughts, have I sinned?

Can the devil “hear your thoughts”?

Can the devil manipulate your thoughts?

Does it matter?

What is an impure thought life?

Is it the thoughts that get you into to trouble or is it the actions that are done according to our thinking that lead us into sin?

Thoughts are important.

I need to turn of the TV sometimes so I can think.

That is why God created TIVO. Praise the Lord for digital recording.

Our (my) media saturated world steals opportune time to thinking.

My thoughts control my attitude, actions, habits, behavior and even my feelings.

God give me new thoughts.

God renew my mind so that I think your thoughts after you.

I want to be like the E.O. on a submarine.

When the Captain speaks the E.O. repeats his words with out hesitation.

See the movie Crimson Tide for an example of this.

God I want to say your words after you without hesitation.

You speak and I repeat.

Holy Spirit, come renew my mind!

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