21 Days of the Spirit: Day 18

19 May

Creative Renovation

Colossians 3:9-10 NIV Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.

Our 21 Days of the Spirit journey has been designed to promote the Spirit’s work in transforming us into the image of Christ by the power of the Spirit to the overwhelming joy of our Father. (…blessed Trinity!) These verses in Colossians from the pen of St. Paul underscore this fact that we are being changed. The old self that ruled over the kingdom of self has been dethroned by the King and his kingdom. In that kingdom, the new kingdom, the kingdom of God – there is a new self, a subservient self, a self that is valuable to God the architect of our souls. This new self is being renewed (read here “transformed”) in the image of its Creator. If HE is a creator and we are being RENEWED in his image then we have a little creator in us. He is indeed a creator – this is why we pray come CREATOR Spirit! Come Holy Spirit and redeem all our creativity so it is not wasted. Let us lavish our creativity on You and your Church.

Two quick things…

First, I am preaching the last of my three part series on the Holy Spirit this weekend. It will focus on the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Read the below quote about the purpose of the baptism in the Holy Spirit from the US Catholic Conference of Bishops. It is entitled Grace For The New Springtime: A Statement from the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops on the Charismatic Renewal

They write:
“As experienced in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal baptism in the Holy Spirit makes Jesus Christ known and loved as Lord and Savior, establishes or reestablishes an immediacy of relationship with all those persons of the Trinity, and through inner transformation affects the whole of the Christian’s life. There is new life and a new conscious awareness of God’s power and presence. It is a grace experience which touches every dimension of the Church’s life: worship, preaching, teaching, ministry, evangelism, prayer and spirituality, service and community. Because of this, it is our conviction that baptism in the Holy Spirit, understood as the reawakening in Christian experience of the presence and action of the Holy Spirit given in Christian initiation, and manifested in a broad range of charisms, including those closely associated with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, is part of the normal Christian life.”

Grace for the New Springtime © 1997, the United States Catholic Conference, Inc.

I am going to preach on this Sunday…the Spirit-filled life is a part of the “normal Christian life.” Kudos to our Catholic brothers!

Second, I am listening to Charlie Peacock’s West Coast Diaries Vol. 2. I am listening to this song right now:

Psalm 51 (1991)
Charlie Peacock
West Coast Diaries Vol.2

Click here to listen. The song is in a Windows (.wma) format.

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