Taylor Hicks, Larry Johnson and The Da Vinci Code

27 May

First up, congratulations to Taylor Hicks for being named the new American Idol. I voted for him twice. Jenni voted for Kat about a dozen times, but it didn’t help. Taylor is a soulful rocker from Hoover, Alabama (where my brother lives). He has a Joe-Cocker-meets-Michael-McDonald-voice and some smooth dance moves…plus he has made gray hair cool. PRAISE THE LORD for that!!!

Also, much props going out to my main man and the Kansas City Chiefs’ main running back Larry Johnson for making the May 22nd issue of ESPN the magazine. It is a good article that gives us the fans more access into why Larry Johnson has been so mad for so long. So I guess he was being a baby all those years! But that is in the past. If he stays healthy and if he keeps the “diapers” off, then he should have 2,000 yards rushing this year and (as always) I predict that the Chiefs will make it to the Super Bowl this year.

Finally, Jenni and I watched the Da Vinci Code last night and here is my take. I thought that the movie was ok. As a piece of cinematic art is was ok. Tom Hanks and the woman who played Sophie had zero chemistry, but there were some great architectural and landscape shots in the film. I found that the content of the movie was filled with some facts, some myths, some fantasy, and very littler truth. Leigh Teabing, who is the “expert” in the movie is the voice of the Da Vinici Code’s myth that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and that Mary is the Holy Grail as the bearer of Christ’s bloodline. In the movie Teabing, comes off at best as a “kooky” old man and at worst as a vilian. Nevertheless, I think that he made not be taken that serious by most movie-goers. In the end, I think the book will have done more damage than the movie and in September we will all be saying “the Da Vinci…what?” I agree with Elanor Gillespie of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution who wrote: “it’s hard to imagine how “The Da Vinci Code” could shake anyone’s faith.”

Nevertheless, I think it is important for Christians to know the difference between the Da Vinci Code’s myths and historical facts/biblical truth. Gillespie is right that Opus Dei and the Catholic Church “take it on the chin” in the movie. If you are in the Americus area make plans to be a Cornerstone Church THIS SUNDAY, because I am going to preach a whole sermon on The Da Vinci Code. I am going to “swing back” on behalf of our Catholic brothers and sisters and help seperate truth from myth. I am looking forward to it.

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