I’m so bored with little gods

09 Aug

I have been listening to David Crowder Band Illuminate (2003) on iTunes today and I was struck (once again) by the depth of the opening verse to “How Great.” Whenever people tell me that they have lost passion for God, for the Church, for the kingdom of God, I think it is because they are worshiping a little God. Isn’t that so true? Here is the opening verse to DCB’s “How Great.”

How Great
David Crowder Band

I’m so bored of little gods
While standing on the edge of something large
While standing here, so close to You
We could be consumed
What a glorious day

I give up, I lay down
Rest my face upon this ground
Lift my eyes to Your sky
Rid my heart of all I hide

So sweet this surrender

There is a sermon in this–little gods of entertainment, procurement, satisfaction. What a picture. What an image. We are standing intimately close to something large, the mysterious and mighty triune God…yet we continue to fool around with these little gods that are sold to us by consumer Christianity. We buy these plastic trinkets, these little gods, and then wonder why we get bored. How ironic?!? How foolish, to try to entertain ourselves with these little gods when the living God is right here with all of his majesty and substance. God help us to be disciplined and focused on you.

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