Reading Guitar Man

06 Sep

Today I was the “Reading Guitar Man.” I was asked by Wesley’s school to come sing a song that Wesley and I wrote last year about reading. (Yes, I did say sing.) I am always looking for ways to be involved with the school and I picked up on the Reading Guitar Man idea from my friend Chris Rumble, a writer, Christian speaker, and the original “Reading Guitar Man” from Atlanta. I called Chris last year to ask him how he comes up with the Reading Guitar Man songs. He said that he just took a tune that he knows and changes the words to reading. So Wesley and I took the tune from DCB‘s “Every Move I Make” and created “Every Book I Read.” The lyrics are simple: “Every book I read, I read for fun. I love to read yeah! Every book I read, I read for fun. Big ones, small ones, blue ones too! I love to read even when I’m at school.”

Wesley and I had a good time singing in front of his school. (Yes, Wesley sang too…in a microphone nonetheless…) The school’s PR guy wrote a Press Release that he is sending to the paper with our picture and the following blurb about us…”On the eve of the 2006-2007 beginning of the Accelerated Reading Program at Sumter County Elementary School, students were reminded of the importance and fun of reading…. Mr. Derek Vreeland, Pastor of Cornerstone Church and his student son, Wesley, shared an original tune, “Every Book I Read, I Read For Fun.” With guitar, the father-son duo involved the entire student body of the school.”

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Posted by on September 6, 2006 in Family


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