Bob Dylan “I Believe in You” – the video

07 Dec

In October 1979, Bob Dylan sang three songs on Saturday Night Live: “Gotta Serve Somebody”,”When You Gonna Wake Up” and “I Believe In You.” Thanks to the global digital village and the beauty of youtube, we can all watch all three performances.

I searched for “Dylan I Believe In You” on youtube and found two other videos of Dylan perfoming “I Believe in You.” One video was from 2004. Dylan’s voice sounds like it was about gone, but it does give me more of an indication of his current faith. I believe that he would not still be singing “I Believe In You” if he had truly departed from his faith in Christ. My wife said that maybe he just likes the song, which may be true. He may continue to sing it as a musician for the artistry. He could pull the existential trump card and say that the song was true when he wrote it, but that it is not true today. I disagree. I think he continues to sing it, because it is still true, he still believes. He is still praying “Don’t let me drift too far…Keep me where you are…Where I will always be renewed.”

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