So I asked my son, “Who is Jesus?”

05 Feb

Our youngest son Taylor is mildly autistic. He is in kindergarten and spends about half of us day in special ed. He is on target with this intellectually development, but is still delayed in his communication and socialization. Because his communication is delayed, we sometimes do not know what he understands when we are talking to him. We are coming to find that he understands more than we think.

We got home last night during the fourth quarter of the Superbowl. (Congrats to the Colts BTW) I was putting Taylor to bed and he said that he was “so scared” because it was dark. I told him not to worry, because Jesus would protect him. I then wanted to see if he understood, so I said, “Bubs, who is Jesus?” (Bubs, bubba, bub…are his nick names) To my surprise, he said, “God.” I asked again. He said, “God.” I walked out and told Jenni to go in there and ask him, and again, I heard him say, “God.”

Sure he still likes to pick his nose and eat what he finds, but this is a huge step forward. To be able to connect Jesus with God is a huge step, a giant step forward in his theological development. I don’t know if he can explain who God is yet, but I am praying that he comes to know Him.

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