The Keystroke Heard ‘Round the World

20 Feb

I did it. This morning I finished the rough draft of my dissertation. I cannot believe after over two years of writing, research, writing, interviews, edits, writing, revisions and…oh yes…writing, the final keystroke for the rough draft has been made. It is done!

Well sorta…

I am not really done. I have to revise this draft a bit and send it to my faculty advisor, who is on sabbatical, but is sticking in there with me (Thanks Steve!). He will then return it to me and I will make his corrections. I then send it to the seminary editor, along with a 15 page journal article that I need to write. She will edit it while I am in India next month. I will get it back during Holy Week (the first week of April) and edit it again. I then get it sent to my dissertation committee and defend my dissertation on April 16th. After making what I hope are minor revisions, I send it in for editing ONE MORE TIME! Make final corrections and then graduation.

I am so close I can feel it.

Pray for me.

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