Hairology: The Doctrine of Hair

23 Feb

One of the greatest benefits of email and the Internet has been the increase of laughter around the world. This may not be the most noble uses of technology, but you have to admit that the number of funny pictures, emails, videos and audio clips that have circulated has made the Internet one of the greatest inventions of the modern world…thanks Al Gore. 🙂

I just finished listening to Dr. G. I. Barber on the “Fundamentalist Hour,” apparently a Christian radio broadcast from the 1960s. On this broadcast the esteemed Dr. G. I. (his friends call him “Upper G.I.”) discusses the doctrine of hair (hairology), which he has studied through a masters and doctoral degree. He discusses the spiritual and scriptural length of hair for men and women. He even goes into a spiritual defense for the comb over…no joke. He even goes it to the biblical direction of hair. This has got to be made up, but it sounds real!

You owe it to yourself to spend the next 16 minutes listening to one of our “no-fun-damentialist” brothers. He sums up the whole spirit behind the Christian fundamentalists when he says: “We know that it is right, because that is what us fundamentalist preachers teach.”

Click here to download the clip: hairology.mp3 (1.93 MB)

(Thanks to Todd Rhodes who posted this on his MMI blog
Go to his blog and hear the music that followed Dr. Barber’s teaching in “The Doctrine of Hairology – Part 2)

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