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02 Apr

I am now back home in Americus, Georgia. We had some problems getting home. Flight delays from India, caused us to miss our connecting flight on Saturday. We had to stay over night in Newark, NJ, but were able to fly standby and catch a flight out Sunday morning. I returned home about 4:00 pm yesterday.

It was a great trip, minus the travel problems, but I have picked up a bug. I have a slight fever and some stomach problems, but life goes on. I am starting to teach a class twice a week at South Georgia Tech. Class begins Tuesday night. We have Good Friday and Easter this week and I have one week to get my dissertation ready for my dissertation defense in two weeks. Pray for me as I have a lot on my plate.

I always look forward to the Holy Week, the week in which we celebrate the cross and resurrection. Friday night I will preach on the cross and then Sunday morning I will preach on the resurrection. Some have asked why we have a Good Friday service. We normally don’t have a church on Friday night and many non-denominational churches don’t have Good Friday services. I think it is important for this reason: You cannot experience the joy of the resurrection without experiencing the sorrow of the cross.

May you expereince both this week!

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