Why I Love My iPod

14 May

I recently read that iPods can affect the function of pacemakers according to a study done among people with an average age of 77 who use a pace maker. Read the story here.

Question: How many 77 year-olds actually own an iPod?

Reading this article follows a conversation I had Friday night at a Cancer Survivor’s Dinner with the guy sitting next to me who is an iPod/gadget freak as am I. (And no I don’t have cancer, I was there to give the invocation and closing prayer.) Also on Friday, I helped our neighbor get songs uploaded to her new iPod.

The iPod-pacemaker discovery and these recent conversations led me to think about how much I use my iPod and how much I appreciate it. Love may be too strong a word, but I am quite fond of it. Here is a random list of reasons why I like my iPod a whole lot:

1) Simplicity
2) Integration
3) Podcasts
4) Size
5) Weight
6) Memory size
7) White headphones
8) Accessories
9) iTunes

Here is a brief description of my reasons…Apple should be paying me for this…

1) Simplicity – Unlike many of the complicated features and menus of certain Windows-based hand held products, the iPod has a simple, easy to navigate menu. The rotator-selector dealio sometimes does not work if the iPod gets hot. So don’t leave it in your car!

2) Integration – I love the fact that I can put all of my music (of any digital format) and ebooks and podcasts of my favorite Christian teaching programs all in one place. I have always listen to music and books and tapes and sermon tapes or CD and now I can put them all in one place.

3) Podcasts – Absolutely love this feature. I can download whatever I want to listen to by subscribing through iTunes and then it refreshes with new podcasts whenever I plug my iPod into my computer. And podcasts are free! I used to pay for some sermon tapes and now I can get them free. I once paid $7 for a 30 minutes Focus on the Family tape! Currently I get podcasts from Ravi Zacharias, Mark Driscoll, the Resurgence, Brian Zahnd, and Warpaint Ilustrated (a news podcast about the Kansas City Chiefs.) It is all free and updates everyday! Sweet!

4) Size – It is teeny, tiny…maybe the size of 7-8 credit cards stacked up. (No, I don’t have that many credit cards!) It is small enough to fit in my pocket, which makes traveling with it a breeze. I highly recommend it when traveling overseas.

5) Weight – It weighs less than my cell phone. Also a benefit for international travel.

6) Memory size – I have a 2GB nano, which holds about 500 songs. That is certainly enough. I have three current podcasts from each of the five podcasts listed above; two audio books (Dallas Willard’s Divine Conspiracy and Ravi Zacharias’ From East to West; five Dylan albums, a host of praise and worship albums; and other artists. I do have a copy of Phil Keggy’s Beyond Nature, which is a nice guitar instrumental piece.

7) White headphones – Ok so I kept my white headphones…even though I have a black nano. I want to look cool like those silhouetted people in the iPod commercials. Actually, I borrowed a pair of noise canceling headphones when I went to India. I am buying my own pair soon. An excellent addition to air travel.

8) Accessories – When I bought my iPod at Radio Shack about a year ago, the guy wanted to sale me a butt load of accessories. This is what I REALLY use: (1) a clear plastic case – four bucks at WalMart…it protects my $150 iPod; (2) iTrip FM transmitter – I use this to listen to the iPod in our minivan; (3) cassette adapter – I use an adapter I got with my old CD player to listen to my iPod in my truck through the cassette deck…this is the cheapest way to listen to your iPod in your car.

9)iTunes – $0.99 downloads per song. Not bad…and better than illegally coping the CD from your friend. And let me say thanks to Apple for making iTunes compatible with Windows.

Nothing too spiritual in this blog…just my thoughts for the night…now go somewhere online and buy an iPod!

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