21 May

We just returned home from graduation at Asbury, where I joined 220 other MA, MDiv, DMin, DMiss and PhD grads who form the 2007 graduating class of Asbury Theology Seminary. The ceremony was uneventful outside of the wit and humor of Dr. Kalas, the current president of the seminary. He is an wise, aged man, who has that “old preacher” feel. I love old preachers like Kalas who have such a richness in the manner in which they speak.

The picture is me next to the statue of John Wesley that stands in the seminary courtyard. Silly, I know. Unoriginal, I know. Still funny….I know! The ceremonial placing of the cap on the head of Wesley was my tribute to the man and the Wesleyan heritage that has influenced in such a positive way. Bruce Ware and Mark Driscoll are keeping me from falling headlong into the Arminian camp, but I will always appreciate the positive contributions that I have received from the Asbury community and the Arminian theological tradition in general.

While I am handing out thanks, let me list a bunch…there are to many people to thank, but let me list a few people that have helped me along the way as I have finished the doctor of ministry degree.

Jenni – my friend, partner, lover, supporter and companion…I love you with all my heart

Mom & Dad – thanks for the encouragement and financial support through all three degree programs

Jeff & Jenny – you are in my heart even though you didn’t attend my graduation

PP Vreeland – thanks for the letter of encouragement and support during the three years of my course work

MM Parker – thanks for making the long haul up to KY

Wesley – I love you and look forward to watching your spiritual journey into manhood

Taylor – BAAAAHHHH…I love you more than you will ever understand

Steve – thanks for your theological influence and guidance through the dissertation

Cornerstone Church Family – thanks for the freedom for me to study and explore various dissertation themes in small groups, talks over lunch and in sermons…I love you all

Darrell – thanks for loving me like a son and treating me like a colleague…I am the pastor I am today because of your patient counsel

Brian – thanks for always making time to talk in person, on the phone and by email…no one has influenced me more

Alan & Rodney – coffee, theology & friendship…certainly one of the highlights of my week

P.G. & Aby – thanks for the constant prayers and prophetic guidance

Dawn – thanks for making me look better than I am

For everyone else, whom I have forgotten to mention by name…forgive me…and thank you!

I agree with Erwin McManus “My successes are the gifts that I have received from others. My failures are my gifts to other people.”
The dissertation is complete and graduation is over, but the writing is just beginning.
Dr. DV
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