“Meth Church” on Monday Morning Insight

04 Aug

My “Ten Reasons the Meth Church is Growing Faster Than Your Church” post was featured on Monday Morning Insight (MMI) — and church leadership blog hosted by Todd Rhoades. MMI is a great resource for pastors. If you are serving in a local church, I recommend that you bookmark MMI and visit it daily.

My post on MMI is here.

I emailed Todd and asked him if he would be interested in posting the “Meth Church” in his Friday postings. He normally posts funny spoofs or other humorous articles on Fridays. I told him that posting my article could be the prize for getting the Al Mohler/alcohol discussion up over 100 comments. A week or so ago, a bunch of us got into an online discussion on MMI concerning whether or not pastors should drink alcohol in moderation. I rallied the troops to get us to 100 comments which is not easy to do. Anyway, I took Todd’s posting of my article as the “prize.”

Thanks again Todd!


Posted by on August 4, 2007 in Life, Ministry



2 responses to ““Meth Church” on Monday Morning Insight

  1. camey

    August 4, 2007 at 10:00 pm

    LOL! Your prize…… That was even funnier than the post itself. Oh, wait.. Guess you had to be there. Oh, wait…. I was.

    Great job Derek. I’m thinking YOU should do it again with the one about women’s tops… Just a thought. I answered the original question so I’m definitely in.

    In all seriousness… MMI is a valuable resource to pastors and any/all in church leadership. It has been a true blessing in my life as well.

  2. Derek Vreeland

    August 6, 2007 at 3:11 am

    I don’t feel as inspired to do a list on women’s tops. It would be funny.

    It is good for us to laugh at ourselves sometimes.



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