ORU’s Legal Battle

09 Oct

ORU was sued last week by three former faculty members. They are suing for wrongful termination, emotional distress and deformation of character. The suit includes a number of alleged financial improprieties on behalf of Richard and Lindsey Roberts. According to a recent
Tulsa World
article, Roberts and the Board of Regents have responded. The executive committee of the board of regents met last Friday night. In a written statement, Roberts announced that the board will retain an additional independent auditing firm to insure that the University’s finances are above reproach. Richard also said that he is charged by the University for any personal expenses: “Any expenses, including trips, errands, food, etc., deemed personal are charged back to me and are paid personally by me on a monthly basis,” Roberts said in the statement.

The Tulsa World also noted that Roberts desires to answer more questions in this matter: “I strongly wish I could answer all your questions right now. . . .,” he said. “There is a time coming when I am willing to answer all questions.” I am optimistic that Roberts will give a response to the allegation directed towards him. I attend the seminary at ORU from 1996-1999 and it was transformative time for me. ORU is filled with great people. I fear that the scandal will hurt the university, particularly the seminary. I pray that the damage is minimal.

I did get an email from the alumni office at ORU. I was instructed to send email to George Pearsons, the Chairman of the Board of Regents. Here are the details in contact in the board.

George Pearsons, Chairman of the Board of Regents, welcomes email from alumni. His email address is Emails sent to him will also be copied to David Wagner, Vice President of University Relations, David Ellsworth, Executive Vice President of Finance and Operations, and Mike Bernard, Vice President of Information and Communication Systems. If the alumnus wishes to speak to someone in person, they are welcome to call Marian Baumgardner, Administrative Assistant to Pastor George Pearsons. Her phone number is 918-495-7442.

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One response to “ORU’s Legal Battle

  1. ron jacobsen

    October 11, 2007 at 4:16 am

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My wife and I met and graduated from ORU and treasure the institution. While we give our brothers and sisters the benefit of doubt now, given scandals of the past (PTL, Swaggart, etc.), we must be willing to look the truth squarely in the face and swiftely take appropriate action. The body of Christ should not stand for anything less. May God give the board of regents grace to bring the truth into the light.


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