I Am

14 May

I am thinking about the bombing in Jaipur (India) today.
I am saddened and angered at violence and the death of the innocent. How long O Lord will you delay justice? How long will war and death continue? How long?

I am listening to “Sara” by Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan Live 1975 – The Rolling Thunder Revue.
This is a song of heartache and lost love. What a sad song. Why does lament make such great poetry?

I am reading The Broker by John Grisham.
Nothing deep nor theological, just light reading for fun. Although the main character in the book did get me thinking when he asked, “What do we gain by recklessly pursuing the American Dream?” I have some answers, but I am afraid that if my thoughts dreams…could be seen…they probably put my head…in a guillotine.

I am getting ready for vacation.
Two weeks to Missouri and back. We leave Sunday after church.

I am feeling writer’s fatigue.
I am nearly half way through a book manuscript, but I have hit a wall. So I am doing what all good writers do. I am going to let it sit until after vacation.

I am surprised at how much I like facebook.
I thought social networking sites were a waste of time. I thought wrong.

I am looking forward to preaching through Philippians this summer.
I have got into a good routine of preaching through a book of the Bible and then preaching a few topical messages and then back to a book. I have been alternating Old Testament and New Testament book too. The last book of the Bible I preached through was Malachi. Before that, I think it was 1 Corinthians. Mark Dever is right. When I pastor preaches topical messages he preaches up to his knowledge level, but when a pastor preaches through a book of the Bible, then both the pastor/teacher and the congregation learn together.

I am planning on watching The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and the new Indiana Jones movie this summer.
We have been watching the first three IJ movies with Wesley. They were on USA on Saturday and we TIVO’d them.

I am voting for David Cook.
The AI rocker from Kansas City. I liked Brooke White a good deal, but now that she is gone–my money is on Cook.

I am going to be late…
Wesley’s last baseball game starts in about an hour. I gotta get out of here…

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