Discussion on the Trinity: Video Clips

16 May

The following clips are from a live discussion I had with Pastor Brian Zahnd at his church, Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri, on Sunday morning, March 22, 2009. I do mention my book Shape Shifters a few times. The book uses the doctrine of the Trinity as a foundation for understanding spiritual transformation. In the book, I also describe why I am a Trinitiarian Christian. [More on the book here]

Here are the clips:

Question: What is the Trinity?

Question: How was the the doctrine of the Trinity developed?

Question: Why is the word “Trinity” helpful? And how important was the doctrine of the Trinity to the early church?

Question: Why are modern Americans uninterested in theology and doctrine?

Question: What are some of the wrong ways people think about the Trinity?

Question: What about The Shack?

Question: What does the Trinity say to us about community?

Question: So how does the Trinity as a doctrine affect our daily lives?


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2 responses to “Discussion on the Trinity: Video Clips

  1. FaithMechanic

    May 21, 2009 at 12:35 am

    Excellent, there are a lot of good quotes in these videos. I have a couple pages worth. All well said, especially, “To live right you have to believe right (and to believe right you have to think right).

    In listening, I came up with one of my own – God is a Persons

    PS Nice t-shirts

  2. derekvreeland

    May 21, 2009 at 2:15 am

    Describing God using Trinitarian language is a work in progress. “God is a persons” is true, but will drive all those English/grammar teachers crazy. I like “God is a community of persons.”

    We didn’t plan the near matching T-shirts. He said he was dressing casual and my T-shirt was all I had left to wear.:-)



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